Hello there! I'm Miki.


I am so pumped that you're here. I love adventure and capturing love so it means so much that you've made it here. I started in nature photography around 10 years ago. I entered into professional photography 7 years ago.


My photography world flipped upside down when I chose to elope myself. It was the best choice ever and my wedding day just felt so genuine, intimate, and was a perfect representation of the relationship I have with my partner. It combined my love for nature and capturing love. Since then, I've been trying to show the world that elopements are no longer what they once were. Today they are a beautiful, genuine way to begin life together. 

I was born and raised in Northern Idaho. I spent my days in the mountains up some single track dirt road. My parents raised an adventurer and I couldn't thank them enough for it. I then discovered the ocean at the young age of 4. My soul found its home that day. My partner and I decided to relocate to the Oregon Coast to fulfill my longtime dream of living on the coast. Now I'm based out of Brookings, OR which is arguably one of the prettiest places on Earth.  


You're most likely to find me kayaking, whale watching, hiking, or traveling with my sweet partner and two dogs (meet the pups here). I have a degree in biology so I'm a huge nerd on everything nature and I will have all the fun facts for you during your session. 

What I'm About

Genuine Experience

Your wedding day is so special and personal. It's your day, your rules. I want to help you plan a day based on your relationship and what fills your soul, not what everyone says your wedding should be. 

As part of this, I strive to capture your day in its most natural form. I skip the forced poses and give you actions that will let you be yourself. You're more than just another client. Your day is important to me as well and you deserve the best. 


Discrimination is not accepted or tolerated here. We're all people which inherently makes you worthy of love and respect. All walks of life, ethnicities, religions, sexual orientation/identification, and abilities are welcome here. 

I don't want anyone to feel unclear about whether they're welcome or question if they'll be denied service. 

Come as you are and feel free to be 100% you. 


Love nature and adventure? Me too! Being outside has a special way of speaking to your soul. I think everyone deserves to experience that. The great outdoors belongs to all of us. We will practice proper stewardship of natural areas to ensure generations to come get to enjoy these areas. We'll carefully practice Leave No Trace and leave places better than we found it. 

Don't know how to do all that? That's okay! I've got you covered and I can help you through the process. 

Ready to start planning your dream elopement?

Let's get started!