Let's make weddings about love again. 

Are you finding yourself focusing more on your wedding caterer than committing to your best friend?

Here's something huge:

There's another way to get married. 

It's personalized. It's peaceful. And it's so very filled with love. Eloping has no rules or framework. It's what you want. Nothing more, nothing less. 

You've worked hard to build a caring, loving and supportive relationship with your partner. Your union is a celebration of that relationship you've built and committing to continue in that relationship the rest of your lives. 


You've built your relationship and you owe it to yourself to celebrate it in a way that's 100% authentic to you.

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What I'm About


You deserve a day true to you and your relationship. I'm here to capture the beautiful thing you've built and not just your future Instagram posts.


I'm an elopement photographer because I think you should do what fills your soul on your wedding day. Together we're going to craft a day that fits you perfectly, not another cookie cutter wedding day. 

Your Experience > Photos

I truly believe your elopement experience comes before the photos I capture. I won't disturb your moments together or detract from your day for a photo. Your elopement is your wedding day experience not a photo shoot. 


Everyone is welcome here and no one will be turned away based on race, religion, sexual orientation, or any other walk of life. Just love and acceptance here. 


Kind Words

Hello there!

I'm Mikalynn (aka Miki) and I'm so excited that you're here! I'm based on the southern portion of the Oregon Coast. This has always been one of my very favorite spots and it is a truly stunning backdrop to any elopement. 


Adventure and authenticity drive me and I hope to bring those two elements to your special day. Your wedding should be everything you’ve ever dreamed of and more. Your day is a clean slate that you can fill with whatever will fill your soul. You have the freedom to abandon everything your wedding is “supposed to” be and embrace everything it could be. 


Each relationship is so unique and special. You’ve put in so much work to build your relationship and now you’re taking the huge leap to marriage! Your wedding should be true to you and what you’ve built together. One of my goals as a photographer is to capture the simple, natural moments of your relationship. My photos focus on capturing moments between the two of you that regularly happen and not forced poses. It feels like a disservice to what you’ve built to photograph anything except your love in its most genuine form. 


Let's start documenting your greatest adventure yet.

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