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Pricing Guide - Anywhere in the US

Why elope?

Do you find yourself worrying about the catering and family drama more than you are about marrying your best friend? The reality is, this is your day and you deserve more than stress and focusing on your guests on your wedding day. So many couples end up planning a day for their guests and they somehow get lost in that shuffle. 

There's another way to get married. It's a day for you and no one else. It's with only the people that mean most to you and doing exactly what you'd want to do on a perfect day. You get to focus your time on the special relationship you've built and not whether there's enough cake. 

Let's make your wedding about you. 


Why You Should Schedule an All Day Elopement

Eloping is still just as much of a wedding day as a big, traditional wedding. Eloping simply refocuses the wedding day to the only people that matter: you! Eloping allows you to customize your wedding day, to be exactly what you want it to be, and it is NO LONGER just a shameful marriage done in Vegas. 

Your day is so much more than a ceremony and some cute photos. Even if your day doesn't follow doesn't a traditional wedding schedule, that doesn't mean you don't get a full day of experiences. You can go hiking, have a picnic, spend quality time with your small group of guests, and just spend time with your new spouse! I'm here to help you incorporate your favorite things into your best day ever. 

Don't sell your wedding day short. Let's make this day incredible. 


More Than a Photographer

My goal is to be more than just your photographer. I want to help you construct your dream wedding day. I've been where you are. I too chose to elope and throw aside everything my wedding was "supposed" to be. It's your day, since when did it become a party you throw for everyone else? I'm here to tell you picking yourselves is right because at the end of the day, this is your wedding. You built your beautiful relationship, through the good and the bad, and you should celebrate that in the way you see fit. 

Everyone is unique and deserves a day as unique as your relationship. We'll work together to turn your wedding daydreams into reality. Your day should be an experience you'll never forget. I specialize in finding adventures and hikes that fit your skill level (If you can't hike 10 miles a day, don't worry! I can't either) and show off the scenery that speaks to your soul. I'm an avid outdoorswoman and I've spent hours upon hours exploring the beauty of nature. With these experiences, I've learned to respect the dangers of nature and taking special care to preserve our gorgeous planet. 

I'm truly honored to help people plan their special day. I take it to heart that I've been trusted to capture such a special day. You're not just another elopement in my portfolio. Everyone deserves their perfect wedding day and I want to do everything I can to make that happen for you. 


Location Favorites

About Me

Hey there, it's Miki! I'm the photographer behind Venturing Vows. I've been taking photos professionally for 7 years. I'm also a huge fan of photographing amazing, epic, beautiful landscapes. My world flipped upside down when I eloped myself. My wedding was the absolute best it could have been, and I couldn't believe that I almost didn't elope because of my own misconceptions. Between my own wedding experience and my love of landscape photography, I had found my passion. Now I shout from the rooftops that everyone should elope. This truly is a work of heart and I just want everyone to consider eloping whether they book me or not. 


I currently live in Brookings, OR with my husband and two pups (Sophie the corgi and Ellie the beagle). I was born and raised in Northern Idaho, and I spent my childhood exploring the mountains on backcountry roads. We moved to Oregon because the ocean because it's been my favorite place in the world since I was 4. You'll find me kayaking, traveling, hiking, RVing, and camping in my free time. 


What I'm About

Genuine Experience

Your wedding day is so special and personal. It's your day, your rules. I want to help you plan a day based on your relationship and what fills your soul, not what everyone says your wedding should be. 

As part of this, I strive to capture your day in its most natural form. I skip the forced poses and give you actions that will let you be yourself. You're more than just another client. Your day is important to me as well and you deserve the best. 


Discrimination is not accepted or tolerated here. We're all people which inherently makes you worthy of love and respect. All walks of life, ethnicities, religions, sexual orientation/identification, and abilities are welcome here. 

I don't want anyone to feel unclear about whether they're welcome or question if they'll be denied service. 

Come as you are and feel free to be 100% you. 


Love nature and adventure? Me too! Being outside has a special way of speaking to your soul. I think everyone deserves to experience that. The great outdoors belongs to all of us. We will practice proper stewardship of natural areas to ensure generations to come get to enjoy these areas. We'll carefully practice Leave No Trace and leave places better than we found it. 

Don't know how to do all that? That's okay! I've got you covered and I can help you through the process. 


Elopement Photography Packages


10 Hour Elopement

10 hours of shooting
30 or less guests
400-500 edits 

Outdoor location selection and activity planning

Getting to know you phone conference

Planning assistance and advice

Custom elopement day timeline
High resolution digital files on thumb drive

File printing rights


Travel fees included

Continental US: $3600

Alaska or Hawaii: $4100

What's Next?


Give me a call

Like what you see so far? Let's chat! We can get to know each other and see if I'm a good fit for such an important day. We'll start daydreaming up your perfect day.


Pick a date and location

It's your special day and you deserve the ideal date and place. I can help you find a place or you can come to me with a spot. Check out my travel schedule for some ideas. 


Make it official

Once we find out we're a good match and you pick your spot, it's time to make it official! I'll send you a contract, you'll pay a deposit, and officially reserve your date on the calendar! Time to start working on your timeline and customizing your EPIC day. 

Ready to start planning your adventure?

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