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Venturing Pups

I'm a dog person. It takes a solid 5 minutes to figure that out when you meet me. Poor, unsuspecting cashiers who I interact with for a minute are well aware that I'm a dog person. If someone asked me to describe myself in 3 words, two would probably have to be dog person just to be accurate. If you bring your dog on a session, they'll get their own mini-photoshoot. I'm not talking just in the background or with you two but solo portraits because they deserve it. It's hard work being that cute all the time.

I have two pups of my own (the Venturing Pups). Sophie is our first fur child and she's currently a year old. She's a Cardigan Welsh Corgi. She's a sassy, independent, but also sweet girl. Don't be deceived by the fact her legs are around 4 inches long, she's as adventurous as it gets. She loves hiking and climbing on rocks. Her absolute favorite spot is the beach. She loves digging holes in the sand and trying to eat everything she's not supposed to. She's usually my go to assistant if I'm bringing my fur children as assistants. I can just clip her to my belt and she happily explores while I do my thing. If she gets within range, she'll run up to you and use her weirdly long lizard tongue to give kisses. She instantly puts a stop to forced and fake smiles. She must've taken a class because she's so good at it.

Our second fur child is Ellie and she's a beagle. She's just a little over 6 months old right now. She's one of the most loving dogs I've ever met with a bit of a crazy streak (I mean, she is only 6 months old). She may be small but she can and will knock you over with love. I wear glasses and I don't think they've been clean for more than 5 minutes since we got her because she loves giving kisses so much. If she's actually mellow for 30 seconds, the best way to get her riled up again is food. The girl lives for the food (and love of course). She's a simple creature. She's still an assistant in training. She's kinda a chaos tornado and she doesn't read rooms very well (but we love her for it).

Both of my babies are always available as assistants. Say the word and they'll be there as smile coordinators (basically pros with awkward social skills). Also, for the love of all things good, BRING YOUR DOG TO SESSIONS. There is no world that exists that I wouldn't want to love on a doggo.

Now enjoy some adventure doggo photos. Also, I promise I don't love Sophie more. Remember that Ellie is a chaos tornado making photos very challenging. We've also had her for 3 months and 2.5 of them have been a pandemic.

This is Sophie!

And then this is Ellie!

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