• Mikalynn Amos

Sunrise in the Idaho Mountains

"Are you willing to go up a back country road in the mountains for a sunrise?"

"Of course!"

That's when you know you have the best clients! When these two asked for spots we could use for their couple session, they were game for my crazy idea! This has been one of my favorite views for years now. I've been snowmobiling since I was 9 years old and this is one of our most frequented spots. I've looked at this view so many times and never considered using it for photos. These two were the perfect people for this spot.

Amanda is also a born and raised Idahoan that spent her childhood in the backcountry mountains. It was pretty standard for both of us to go up a Forest Service road in an old truck, pick huckleberries, and try to hunt down beautiful spots like this. Going to this location was a very authentic, North Idaho location and I love it.

We got up at 5:30 am and braved 15 degree weather for this. So worth it!

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