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Summer Road Trip - 2 Months in an RV

Our 2 month journey through the Western US in our 20 foot travel trailer.

Girls tow and back in RV's too

In the summer of 2020, I got to live out a dream I'd had for 6 years: a long term road trip in an RV. I had this plan before I even met my husband. I was ready to take off solo to explore as far as I could. It became a tangible dream 2 years prior. We scheduled out the dates we'd leave rentals so we wouldn't have rent, planned around the teaching schedules we both had, hunted for the perfect RV, and saved up the money. I love to talk about this awesome time of our lives but I also think it's so important to discuss how much intentional planning and sacrifice to make it happen.

It took us a year and a half to work out the itinerary. It took me 3 months alone to book 2 months of RV spots. We made all reservations at least 9 months in advance because one missed reservation could throw off all 60 days of other reservations. Then, of course, COVID hit. After years of dreaming and planning, we weren't sure if we'd be able to pull off our dream. We watched as the RV parks slowly reopened and states opened up to travelers. Somehow, everything still worked out.

COVID disclaimer: We traveled during COVID but that doesn't mean you should. We kept our trip because we had no where to live except the RV and no way to get refunds for most of the trip (and 2 months of reservations is a big chunk of change). We very carefully checked all regulations for each county and followed them to a T. We wore masks the whole time, kept our distance, and modified our plans where needed. We drove away from busy hikes, went places during down times, skipped attractions we wanted to see that may put others at risk, and stayed in our RV if we were in an area with high spread. If we knew there would be a pandemic before we booked dates, we would not have taken the trip.

Enjoy this photo tour of our epic trip this summer.

Stop 1: Yellowstone National Park

The kinds of pictures you get when it's just the two of you.

Stop 2: Teton National Park

Stop 3: Ashton, ID

The 5 seconds we uncovered our faces because mosquitoes tried to eat us

Stop 4: Salt Lake City, UT

This is one of the places with wide spread so we had to skip all the city stuff and we only went hiking during the weekdays and early in the morning.

Our anniversary hike

Stop 5: Kanab, UT

Bandanas make for super convenient hiking masks!

Stop 6: Yosemite National Park

Step 7: Half Moon Bay, CA

This stop was supposed to be for San Fransisco. We skipped it though because of the number of cases there. Instead we took a few beach days.

Stop 8: Klamath, CA

We finally got to places we could bring the pups!
The reality of getting dog photos

Stop 9: Brookings, OR

We planned this stop before we knew we'd be moving here! So we got to scout our new home a couple months before moving.

Anniversary celebration on the coast where we got married

Bribery for cute photos

Stop 10: Crater Lake National Park

Stop 11: Mt. Rainer National Park

Stop 12: Olympic Peninsula

Stop 13: Whidbey Island, WA

And there ya have it, the most epic trip we've ever taken! We highly recommend putting in the work to make you dream trips possible. If you want to learn more about me and what I do, check out the links below.

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