• Mikalynn Amos

Rocky Coastline Elopement in Brookings, OR

There's nothing quite like the Oregon Coast. Its epic, rocky coastline puts everyone that visits it in awe. But then there's Brookings; I've wandered the entire coastline and I've yet to find a place quite as stunning as Brookings. The rocks are bigger and the cliffs more sheer and jagged. It's as though all the best parts of the entire coast were pushed into this little town right above the California border.

These two found some photos of Brookings and fell in love with the amazing landscape. They were one of the many couples that had to change everything in the wake of COVID. They had spent months planning their Yosemite elopement. After reschedules, dodging park closures, and finally finding a time that would work, the fires hit California. It was now or never so they checked their honeymoon route- and that's when they discovered Brookings and little ol' me (the only elopement specialized photographer based here). While I wish they could've made Yosemite work, I'm so very glad I had the honor of meeting them and capturing this day.

We started by hiking down to a secluded beach with stunning cliffs. There wasn't a cloud in the sky and hardly any wind (and anyone whose been to the coast knows that's crazy). We then moved onto a beach down the way so they could exchange love letters and read letters from family. Then they ate cake on the beach, popped the champagne, and danced around the beach as the sun set. It was simple, emotional, and a perfect celebration of their commitment to each other. No frills, nothing fancy, just pure love.

Hike to a Cliffside Beach

Love Letters and Notes from Family on the Beach

Cake and Toasts

First Dance and Blue Hour Photos

Does this look like the kind of location you'd love for your elopement? Check out this blog about why Brookings is a great spot to elope.

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