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Las Vegas Couple Photos

Thank goodness for these two because if it wasn't for them, we wouldn't have had a single positive experience in Vegas. We're on our long term road trip and we had a long haul from Utah to Yosemite. We decided to stop over in Vegas since my husband hadn't been there yet. We thought we'd drive through the Strip at night and call it good. I met fellow photographer Destiny of Black Salt Photography on a Facebook group. Came to find out she lives in Vegas and was open on the only day we were going to be in town!

We rolled into town and it was 115 degrees. We're way too PNW for those kinds of temperatures. We got in our RV at the park and realized there were ants living in our ceiling. The heat had brought them out and they were all accumulated in our light cover. It was literally raining ants. We felt like we were living in a horror movie. After a run to Walmart, some ant traps, and getting shoe prints all over our ceiling killing ants, we were able to relax before our session.

We met up with these two in Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. It was a beautiful location and entirely in the shade! Finally Vegas was coming through for us! We had a great time getting to know each other and talking about our mutual love for Oregon.

Feeling all good about a fun session with great people, we get to the car to realize someone had broken the window out of my truck to steal my purse and my partners's laptop. There we were, thousands of miles from home and a month left of our trip with no window, one debit card, and one driver's license. Good news, we figured it all out and we're managing well with what we've got! May this also be a warning to you that you shouldn't leave stuff in your car. The Idaho girl in me leaves her purse in her car regularly without much thought. Vegas is not the place to test that out.

So big thanks to these two for being the highlight of our time in Vegas. Next time though, let's hang in Oregon, okay?

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