• Mikalynn Amos

Landscape Prints

I'm excited to announce that I am now selling landscape photos I've taken!

I owe my elopement photography career to my love for capturing landscape images. I get a thrill out of hiking to a secluded spot and capturing the beauty of the landscape. I think of the years of geological activity that formed the landmarks, how the light touches each feature a bit different each time, and just how small I am in this massive universe.

I'm excited to get to share that passion now so you can also celebrate the beauty of nature!

Here's some of the prints currently available in my shop! I'll continually add more as I take them and fine tune older images.

How to Purchase Prints

My prints are available for purchase on Pixieset. Here's a step-by-step guide!

1. Follow the link to my landscape image gallery. You can view all current images available. I'll continually add to this so don't forget to check back once in a while!

2. After browsing through the prints, click on the photo you'd like to order a print of. Click on the cart button (circled in yellow) to pick a print to buy.

3. When you click the cart, it will give you main categories of prints to chose from. You can purchase prints or wall art (tabs at the top). Canvas, framed, and metal prints will give you stunning, professional wall hangings. Prints will work with a lower budget and let you use whatever frame you'd like or may have on hand.

Take photos of the prints hanging on your wall and tag @venturingvows! I'd love to see where my art lands.

All images are produced through Pixieset. I provide the images and Pixieset goes through the actual production of the product. I am happy to reach out to Pixieset about order issues but all solutions will ultimately have to come through them.

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