• Mikalynn Amos

Idaho Lakeside Engagement Photos

I really enjoyed showing this couple a corner of my hometown paradise during their engagement session. They aren't originally from the area so all these places were new for them. I love giving people an experience, not just photos. We overlooked the giant peaks formed by glacier movement, hiked into the forest, and then ended it on the shores of the lake. My personal highlight was when they agreed to get in the lake! They also turned out as my favorite photos of the day.

We were anxiously watching the weather all day. We woke up to severe weather warnings about a storm starting as soon as the session was supposed to end. There was supposed to be 50 mph winds, thunder, lightning, and quarter size hail. We managed not only to dodge the storm but the weather was even sunny and gorgeous the whole time!

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!

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