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Introduction - Oregon Elopement Photographer

Venturing Vows - Oregon Elopement Photographer

Hello everyone! I'm Mikalynn (aka Miki) Amos. I've been photographing elopements since 2020 and traditional weddings long before that. I was born and raised in Northern Idaho and now live Brookings, Oregon. I'm so glad I was raised where I was. I spent my childhood Jeeping in the mountains, kayaking, hiking, and traveling across the West in an RV. My parents joke about how sometimes they get worried that I explore and travel so much. Then they realize it was their own darn fault for raising me the way they did. Thanks mom and dad because I loveeeee my adventuring life.

Now I explore and travel with my own family. I have my amazing husband and two dogs. We have a Cardigan Welsh corgi named Sophie and a beagle named Ellie. We built out a passenger van into a camper van and travel whenever we can. Our favorite past times are still kayaking, hiking, RVing, and general adventuring. 

Venturing Vows

Let's move onto how you all ended up here: photography! I started taking photos as a hobby 12 years ago. I actually started learning because I broke my foot when I was on the cheer team. My family is very "you never quit" so I still went to every game in my uniform even though I could only sit on the bench. I ended up joining yearbook and taking photos every game instead of being bored the whole time. Then I started chasing birds around my yard that summer. I just loved taking photos of everything and the rest is history. I started professionally taking portraits 6 years ago. 

Through all my years of photographing, my favorite has always been nature and exploration. I love hiking up a mountain to capture the view from the peak. I love waking up at sunrise and hoping to get that stunning glowing light. It's been one of my favorite things to discover that I can marry (ha) my love for landscape photography with my love for capturing love and emotion. 

Oregon Coast Sunset

Mt. Rainier National Park

My world as a photographer has been flipped upside down since I've discovered adventure elopements. It was everything I loved in one. I started following lots of pages because I loved the photos but hadn't necessarily considered pursuing it. It wasn't until I got married that things really changed. 

Everyone kept telling us what we should and shouldn't do. We kept being told we had to jump through certain hoops to keep with random (and honestly weird) traditions. We consistently joked about cancelling everything and eloping instead. In the back of my mind, I kept seeing the couples on elopement pages carefree and exploring with the love of their life. 3 months out from our wedding date, we went from joking to serious. After months of denial, we finally realized that our special day was shaped by other people more than ourselves. We changed everything, started fresh, and eloped on the Oregon Coast two months later. 

Now I'm not new to weddings. I've been a wedding photographer for years. I've seen all different takes on weddings. But oh my gosh...

​Eloping changed everything. 

Oregon Coast Elopement

This is me during our elopement! Shout out to Karlie Larson Photography for the awesome photos.

My Oregon Coast Elopement

Our day was a million times better than we could ever imagined. We just focused on ourselves and the immediate family and close friends that came along. There was 20 of us total and everyone there was important to us. The people that had gotten us to where we were. Our guests didn't even wear shoes because who stinkin' cares. We just had a big family dinner afterwards. We went for a hike to a gorgeous sunset overlook after all the festivities. I honestly felt no stress. Just committing my life to my best friend with everyone that meant the most to me. 

Since then, I've wanted to tell everyone about this beautiful thing called eloping. I wanted to scream from the rooftops that you don't have to fit a mold or check off all the traditions. This is about you and the love of your life. Throw that extra garbage away because you deserve everything you want. Nothing more, nothing less. 

My professional photography has taken on a new meaning since I myself have experienced eloping. I'm nearly brought to tears each time I think back on our elopement day. My heart soars to think that I could guide a couple to creating a day that is as ideal for them as ours was for us. And honestly, I'll be fighting back tears at your elopement. I'll be thinking of my complete joy when I married my best friend and I won't be able to stop thinking about how amazing it is that someone else gets to experience that too. 

So for the love of all things good, at least look into eloping. You owe it to yourself to create a day that's catered to you as a couple. And hey, if you like me work, shoot me a message. Or just stop by to chat. I love talking elopements and cool things to do in Oregon. 

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Venturing Vows - Oregon Elopement Photographer

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