• Mikalynn Amos

North Idaho Forest Elopement

Like many other couples, Megan and Colton had to postpone their wedding amidst the pandemic. We decided to go take some fun photos in wedding attire to give them a bit of wedding since they have to wait for the rest. We used a different dress to save the grand reveal for their wedding. This also gave them an opportunity to bring their sweet pittie Bonnie that wasn't going to be able to go to their ceremony and reception.

We decided to explore a new area that neither of us had been to. We saw that it featured a pond and boardwalk. We set off on the short mile loop. We came to find out that the area appears to be on a flood plain so there was a ton of mud. Bringing a pup is all fun and games until they're caked in mud. Thankfully we all wore comfy hiking shoes and we kept the dress rolled up and mostly safe from the mud. The dress left the day with only a few twigs stuck in the lace and a bit of mud on the edge.

We were on our way to what we thought would be the main location. We found a sparse section of forest with the sun filtering through. The weather had forecasted clouds all day so this was a welcome surprise. We stopped there for a while and captured the beautiful rays coming through the tree. Then we continued on to try to find the pond and boardwalk. Our next stop was the boardwalk. It was another great location for photos even though the sun went behind the clouds.

We decided to move onto the pond. We found a small offshoot that went to the pond that was somehow even muddier than the rest of the trail. Being the only one with truly waterproof shoes, I was sent to scope out the pond. Ends up the pond was a very large mud puddle. We had a good laugh that one of the main reasons we picked the trail ended up being pretty disappointing. Thank goodness for the pretty sections of forest.

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