• Mikalynn Amos

Brookings, Oregon Beach Elopement

A stunning elopement on the epic, rocky Oregon Coast.

We met up with Sharlee and Spencer to show off our favorite spots in our new home. Sharlee is a fellow photographer at Catching Light Photography. We met through odd circumstances on Facebook. The first thing we noticed, we somehow had a mutual friend. My sister's second grade best friend was friends with her and somehow we end up meeting down the way. To top it off, we're both original Idaho potatoes. World sure is small sometimes, right?!

We took them to one of the most stunning spots in Brookings. But also, we could've picked any sign off the highway and hit the jack pot. This stunning beach features epic rocks, cliffs, and a waterfall even. We had a great time frolicking on the beach with our pups (the obvious highlight) and watching the sunset over the beach.

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Brookings Rocky Coastline Elopement

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